Gwyn is known for having one of the biggest smiles you've ever seen. She's a sought after magic assistant as well as an avid baker and dancer. This girl has got lots of tricks up her sleeve. Check out her website.

Gwyn Auger is a vivacious, creative woman who brings dedication and enthusiasm to every project she embarks on. Gwyn’s primary goal is to be a full time magician’s assistant, and as a trained dancer and professional model, she brings beauty and grace to any stage. She loves magic and always puts her whole self into any project she takes on.

She worked with Enchanted Events for two years as a fairy, and has the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. Gwyn has been quite the promotional girl for the last six years, promoting everything from Nintendo Wii and DS to Hershey’s chocolate, VW cars, and L’Oreal. She’s promoted these things all over Alberta and BC at various events such as Cirque Du Soleil and The World Junior’s Hockey Championships. This variety has enhanced Gwyn’s adaptability, and her ability to think on her toes in any situation.

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Kray Mitchell: Welcome back everybody to the Illusionary podcast. My next guest is a trained dancer, a professional model, an avid baker and she is known to have one of the biggest smiles you've ever seen. Please welcome Gwen Auger, The Magic Assistant. Gwen, welcome to the show.

Gwyn Auger: Hi, thanks!

Kray: How are you doing today.

Gwyn: I'm great. How are you?

Kray: I am doing absolutely fantastic. Spring is kind of springing out here in BC and I'm I'm very excited to get back out into nature.

Gwyn: So me too today I didn't need a jacket in Calgary but that said it snowed last night when I was coming home now, there were still some snowflakes in the air. But I'm trying to convince myself that it's spring and it's probably my fault because I wore a dress to work last week, and I thought oh yes the sun is out it looks like spring and then. It snowed again.

Gwyn: So I probably jinxed it Calgary and for that I am truly sorry.

Kray: You can't jinx Calgary weather if you don't like the weather there in Calgary. Just wait a minute.

Gwyn: That's true.

Kray: I spent 18 years there and you they what they need in Calgary is a weather betting service because that would be the most intense betting you could ever possibly do I think.

Gwyn: Yeah. I mean how often could you bet. Like can you place bets every five minutes? Or??

Kray: I don't know. I think I think it would be date and time based I don't, I don't know enough about gambling to figure that out but I still think it'd be a good idea for the crowd right.

Gwyn: Yeah for sure.

Kray: And speaking of crowds let's talk about some magic.

Gwyn: Sure.

Kray: You were so you are a magic assistant. How did you get into magic exactly because you're already a performer you do Dancing you've done modelling. How did you get into the magic kind of stuff?

Gwyn: So I've always been friends with performers and I was actually in the Vanishing rabbit magic shop here in Calgary. Brent Smith you know, as you did live in Calgary so I'm sure you're familiar with the store.

Kray: Yes.

Gwyn: He said to me one day, I was in there shopping for a friend. It was friend's birthday and he said "You're friends with all these magicians". And I said yeah. And he said "How come you're not an assistant yet?" And I said Well I don't know but that sounds awesome! So he, he had one of his mega magic Saturday events, I think it was the first one actually that he was putting on. There wass gonna be a big auction selling all these tricks and he said "Tell you what if you come by, you fit in the costume I'll teach you a trick and you can come to the event." And I said perfect. And that was it. And I was hooked and I met all of the magicians and they sat there and said you know like "Are you an assistant?" And my answer to every single one of them was, well not yet but I want to be. And so they all said "OK well let me see what I can, let me see what I can use you for. Let me see what I can put you. Let me see what I can teach you." It was great. Yeah.

Kray: So what was that first trick that he got you to do what was your first performance?

Gwyn: So the first performance that I was supposed to do with Brent actually canceled. Because he sold the trick before I could perform it. So I went to his shop and learned it, it was a tip over trunk and I was very excited. You've met me so you know my excitement level goes from like a 10 to 100 pretty pretty easy. So I was super excited and I got to the event and he said "I'm so sorry I sold the trick but you can still hang out".

So my first trick that I actually got to perform on stage was for a show called The Brush with Death that Yeatland Wong and Ryan Pilling were putting on at the time. And so this was for the first, kind of, the first run through that we did but was for a live audience that was in a at a senior's home before the actual show. And Ryan put me in a sword box. And so that was the first trick that I actually got to perform onstage.

Kray: Nice. Everything went well?

Gwyn: Everything went, for the most part pretty well, I fell out of it like I was dead, for the show. But the way that Ryan and I had discussed that we were going to do the sword box as I was going to scream on the inside so that they could hear this scream. But once I was in the sword box I wasn't mic'd and no one heard me scream.

Kray: So it was kind of a little bit like a horror movie, "Nobody can hear you scream in the box".

Gwyn: Nobody heard me scream.

Kray: Yes definitely adds a little bit of drama you hear somebody scream and when the swords go in right.

Gwyn: Yeah.

Kray: It's OK that you didn't So. So when did you initially get started just performing. When did you get into performance arts and stuff?

Gwyn: When I was in Grade 2, I was like the star of the school play. So I think what kind of kicked it off I was in to a school play called The Cookie Lady and I was the little girl so. Because they needed us monitor and I was very small. And I was the little one, so I was with all these like grade six years in the school play and I loved it.

Kray: Did you get it. Did you get a sample a bunch of cookies too, was that part of it?

Gwyn: I don't remember. I think there were cookies like the after party. But I don't remember. I remember I got to like yell on stage because I had parents that would fight. But they like obviously weren't my real parents they were the great Sixers but I had all these different sets of like grade 6 parents and then I was the only child so I don't know how I had all these different parents, but just me as a child. So yeah I had about six different, or three different moms and three different dads. I don't know how that whole play ran down but...

Kray: But it sparked something obviously.

Gwyn: Yeah.

Kray: So where did you get into into dancing then?

Gwyn: I took ballet when I was really small. I think I took ballet even before I was going to school. I was in ballet classes and then that dropped off while I was in grade school and in middle school that had all dropped off and then afterwards when I became an adult I took some burlesquersize classes and so I did some of that after.

Kray: Nice. So do you think that's kind of helped you in your magic career a little bit?

Kray: I think it helped in my ability to be on stage career because that's, it's very empowering, it's very nerve racking. I remember the first time I came offstage after doing a performance because after the classes you could choose to perform or not, and so me and a girl were like No we're not gonna do it now we're like now we're gonna do it. So the two of us decided that we're gonna do it, like a whole bunch of us decide we were going to do it, and I remember coming off and I was just like shaking from adrenaline and I was like You know what, no that was fun. Yeah. OK.

Kray: The performance adrenaline, there's just nothing like it.

Gwyn: No, no, it's great.

Kray: If you haven't experienced it out there definitely once you went to get it that's, that's kind of what turns everybody for the performance stuff is that is that a little bit of adrenaline.

Most people don't, that listen to this podcast anyway are actually magicians and a lot of them don't work with assisants. Can you tell us a little bit about what it's. What's it like to work with with magician from the assistant point of view, like what kind of stuff are you doing behind the scenes?

Gwyn: Well that really depends on the magicians, obviously. It depends on who they are, it depends on what they need and it depends on their level of trust, I would say, because I can, I have a background in marketing and social media. So I'm happy to help with any part of things. I've assisted in any way from cold calling, from helping book things, from sending out contracts, to obviously being on stage behind the scenes or being on stage in the show like getting cut and half, getting put in a zig zag, levitating on swords, having knives thrown at me, like all of those fun things. Which are maybe only fun to some of us.

Kray: I don't know, I think that would be pretty fun.

Gwyn: I think they're I think they're fun. So it really depends on who the magician is and what level of assistance they need and are willing to to allow me to assist with.

Kray: Let's actually talk about it like a stage illusion. So something like getting sawn in half or in a zigzag, what kind of preparation do you kind of have to do before the show goes ahead and what do you kind of do on stage and help him out with what kind of stuff do you help with?.

Gwyn: I definitely like to rehearse beforehand with the magician for as much as we can. Definitely goes through some run throughs because not every prop is built the same. So you want to definitely become familiar with your prop as an assistant The magician, it's also very helpful if they are familiar with the prop. Typically if it's something that they use in their show all of the time then they are but occasionally you'll get a magician who has borrowed a prop or has bought a prop and has never used it before and has called me because they don't know how it works or they have this gig they want to use it, they've never used it before.

So for stuff like that I definitely try to rehearse as much as we can, if possible with the music if there's going to be music, with the costumes if there's going to be costumes, which I would say 99.9% of the time there's a costume. Whether it's something that I supply and bring outfits and we pick one that fits with the with the theme if there's a theme. It's not very often where you're just jumping up and going into an illusion in jeans and a T-shirt. Unless...

Kray: It would be much comfier though.

Gwyn: Right. No. Well maybe, maybe it would depend, depend depend on the jeans maybe. But yeah so I work with any part of that. And then on the day I will help set-up if I can. And then usually try to run through it in the space that we have like whether it's a stage, whether it's a gymnasium, whether it's you know a mapped out spot on the floor that's now your, your stage, and I'm saying that in air quotes but you can't see that. You know I try to rehearse it again in this space that we're going to be performing in and then obviously I'll go get ready and do the hair makeup lashes, all that stuff. If I haven't already done it on the day.

Kray: That sounds like a pretty fun day though.

Gwyn: My favorite kind of days.

Kray: Yeah I've done public speaking quite a bit and I don't know, I usually do a couple runs throughs on the day of and just get the energy throughout the entire day is, is always pretty awesome. I can only imagine...

Gwyn: Well yeah, you know you've got that thing that you get to do. And then when it's over we're like I'm always kind of sad. I'm like oh let's just get let's do it again. Like...

Kray: Yeah, absolutely.

Gwyn: That was fun, but like let's do it again. Let's show them twice.

Kray: Do you have a favorite trick that you like to be a part of? Like a big stage illusion or even a small... Actually let's do both. Let's do like a big stage illusion and a . non stage illusion.

Gwyn: Oh! Okay. I like being in the zigzags which I've definitely talked about. Several times before because your face gets to pop out, so you get to see the audience reaction. And for some tricks you don't get to see the reaction. So I think it's I think it's really neat to see their reaction when it's something like that because I'm not staring at a ceiling like I might be for, for like a levitation or my eyes are closed like my eyes aren't closed. I'm very much interacting with the audience with my face. As weird as that might sound but like I'm smiling. I'm looking at them. If there's kids then I'll make like little faces like. Or they make it. Then I make it back like if it's like a fun interactive kids show.

Kray: Yeah.

Gwyn: So I do enjoy that one a lot. As far as like smaller, smaller illusions and whatnot. I've been, there was like a, I don't want to say too much because we're in a public podcast but I really like helping with a spirit hand illusion.

Kray: That would be fun too.

Gwyn: Yeah. So that one's really fun and really cool and definitely a smaller one. And yeah, so those I think here are some of my favorites to to work with.

Kray: Is there is there one that you haven't had a chance to work with that you'd really like to do?

Gwyn: I've seen a double levitation, that David Gold Drake did in his show in Las Vegas.

Kray: Like two people levitating?

Gwyn: Uh huh, you'll have to look it up after. It. Was. Beautiful! And I cried and I totally want to do it like I really want to try it. And I'm kind of terrified of heights. So I feel like I might hate it. But I definitely, like it's something that I want to try and I want to try a. I still want to try an interlude because I haven't done one so I do want to try that one. And yeah like there's like there's so many that I still want to try because I like those old, old great ones that you don't see very much anymore like those are like the ones like what I like it just want to try and find a way to find some and try them. And as always like I want to pop out of the suitcase, like I want to be in one of those ones where you produce like, a bunch of girls out of a suitcase. So fun.

Kray: I want to be produced out of a suitcase. That would be so much fun, especially me because you know I'm 6'5", 240 pounds, coming from a carry on.

Gwyn: This is what I'm saying! If you can produce a Kray:, and then a bunch of people following after.

Kray: That would be so awesome.

Gwyn: And if we can all come out like, because we're all small girls, if we all come out like fully bruised because you took up all the space, like.

Kray: I'm a little lanky, [unreconizable]. Too many people have ended up with bruises due to the elbows of Kray:. I do apologize for, for everybody I've ever elbowed. I took transit, oh man that's a whole other podcast right there.

Gwyn: I don't know if you want to do a whole podcast on transit, uh oh!

Kray: Yeah. We won't even get started down that trail, especially with the Calgary Transit. So, were you able to see that double levitation live or did you see it like online or in...

Gwyn: No I saw it live and that's where I cried. Like. And he knows I cried because I told him after I was like "Oh my God. I cried so hard" and I was at a table full of magicians and they, they had a good laugh at me because they're like "Oh you really love it." and I was like "I really love it".

Kray: Just keep emailing him and be like "you know planning a trip down there if you need somebody for for the night or something we could work something out" you know all the time.

Gwyn: He doesn't know the show right now.

Kray: Ohhhhh!

Gwyn: I know. I know because he's aware that I would like to try it. I definitely have made that known and I've said it I think in other podcasts.

Kray: All right.

Gwyn: Guys I'm not subtle like guy just I just asked, you live once. Right. So if I don't ask.

Kray: You don't know. I tell that to people all the time because if you don't ask the answer is always no.

Gwyn: It's true.

Kray: And when that is the worst possible answer really if you're not dying from that answer, it's OK. But the answer is yes a lot more times than you think. So just ask. I've gotten so much free and discounted stuff over the years and access to places that I probably should never have had access to. But.

You ask! You run into the right people and you never know what will happen.

Gwyn: It's true.

Kray: Yeah. So, do you have any horror stories for from a trick gone wrong?

Gwyn: So. I do have some horror stories. They're not they're not awful. They're not awful. My my horror stories I have been very very lucky. Knock on wood. That I've lucked out, I've had a lot of really great, really, really great magicians that I've got to help over the years. There was one, you're familiar with the Jubilee auditorium in Calgary?

Kray: I am.

Gwyn: There was a sold out show. It was a dance show. And we were performing. We were going to be performing an Origami illusion. And, we'd rehearsed it, and again this was one of those situations where it was a borrowed prop so not something that the magician was super familiar with. Which is totally fine, we rehearsed it a lot. Got there rehearsed it again on stage, everything was setup and I think someone had moved the prop, tampered with the prop, something... Because everything was set up when we were backstage and then I went out well we both went out. So the magician went out first and then obviously extends his hand out I come and I step up onto the, onto the origami box, onto the base and I go to lift my leg up and over to step in and I realize that the mirror is not on, on the on the illusion, you need the mirror because that's how you see all the sides for the people that are watching.

So I lean down because it's the only chance I'm gonna get to let him know. I put my hands on his shoulder since I'm getting myself on the box anyways. I kind of leaned down and in the, you know how you talk to people on stage you don't really, kind of ventriloquist, kind of not. We weren't miked it was OK. And I was like "Hey the mirror is missing" and he says. "Oh!" and walks away from me. So I had to stay balanced because I've got one leg up on over the the wall of the Oregon me box, which is you know folds in so you don't want to hit that wall or it's gonna start like folding because he's able to fold that in and I'm up on a base that's a few feet off the ground, on my toes because a kind of short and I don't know, that one was one we weren't running shoes in the illusion and so I was just waiting while he went to get this thing and my whole time I'm just praying that I don't fall and give myself a concussion in front of a sold out show in the Jubilee auditorium and I was like oh my god.

Kray: That's a huge space. Like I've seen a number of shows there. Yeah. They're like third balcony. Yeah. Like this big on stage just to.

Gwyn: Yeah.

Kray: Like an inch inch big and.

Gwyn: So all I'm thinking is just don't fall. Just don't fall. And keep smiling like at the same time. Don't show fear.

Kray: Yeah.

Gwyn: Don't fall!

Kray: Just lean into it and go with it.

Gwyn: This is part of it. This is part of the trick he just leaves me standing here on one foot.

Kray: I recently watched it, who was it, because we were just talking ventriloquists, Jeff Dunham and he had one of his puppets break on stage and same kind of thing. He's just like. Roll with it!

Gwyn: What else can you do?

Kray: Yeah exactly. Do you have any preshow rituals or anything that you do before a show or as you're prepping for shows?

Gwyn: You know I don't think that I do. Most of my shows end up being pretty different because I wind up working with the magicians last minute or it's something that we've planned out like brush with death was always planned out. But I don't think that I do too much preshow ritual, no.

Kray: What about a post show ritual?

Gwyn: Well drinks with the cap. No. No not that I can think of like post show I usually like, you just kind of decompress but like, no I can't think of anything that I do specific that's preshow and post show but now I'm gonna have to think about it and see if I do have anything that, that I have to do like...

If it's like a really hot show. There was one where it was really really warm in the venue and I knew that I was going to be inside the sword box for a little while. So I was in a corset for that one, so I stuck a piece of gum like inside the corset, it's like one of those little chiclet pieces so that while I was in the box I can chew the gum to try and like pretend like I was cooling off because it was minty, so I was like I can chew the gum really quick here and then I can put it right into this corner of the box and then I'll get it right after. But otherwise no.

Kray: Yeah well that it must be tough to deal with because it's already hot on stage if you've got lights and being stuck in a box. Do you have any recommendations on keeping cool on stage?

Gwyn: If you can put your hair in a bun, and you're a woman, you can try and put your hair in a bun and wrap an ice cube in the center of the bun and it'll melt like. Slowly but it shouldn't drip on you.

Kray: That's actually brilliant and I just thought of a reason to have a man bun. I've never thought that was a good idea before but now...

Gwyn: No. And no there's no there's still no reason to have a man bun.

Kray: You just gave me one! I would never have one except for the summer now.

Gwyn: Yeah.

Kray: Yeah. The heat comes at your head man!

Gwyn: Yeah. So I've got really really long hair. But if there's a trick where my hair is able to be up, and it's like obviously you want that to be like the last trick and you don't want to have to have your hair back down. But if I can I'll try and hide ice cubes in the bun. Because then it just melts into my hair and it doesn't ever look like my hair is wet and it doesn't usually drip down anywhere else. It just kind of stays in this center the button.

Kray: I think that that's a great idea just for for everyday summer use.

Gwyn: I definitely use it every day in the summer.

Kray: Yeah. Oh definitely. Out here in B.C. it gets really hot in the summertime and for extended periods so you know you can just put an ice cube under your hat, it's a great idea but for for anybody with long hair that's brilliant.

Gwyn: See! More than just a pretty face.

Kray: Absolutely. You're magical and you've got awesome cooling down techniques.

Gwyn: Right.

Kray: So, obviously you've got to travel quite a bit for doing this kind of stuff. What's your favorite place that you've gone?

Gwyn: Well the Magic Castle obviously!

Kray: I would love to go down to the Magic Castle.

Gwyn: Yeah I'm such a sucker for the Magic Castle. I just. I just love every inch of it. I think it's so, so great. And like it smells like the first time that I went in the sword box. And the Magic Castle doesn't smell, like it doesn't, I shouldn't say it smells but like the first time I ever went in a sword box, Ryan had pulled out the sword box and Ryan went into the sword box and he came out of it and he said "It smells like the Magic Castle".

I went in the sword box now like it doesn't really smell and he's like "No it's smells like the Magic Castle". And now that I've been to the magic castles like. "huh! It did, it did smell like the magic castle".

Kray: You know I. There's definitely places that have, you know they don't smell but they've got their own unique aroma, and that place is just full of so much history you're just smelling history and like.

Gwyn: Yeah.

Kray: History and greatness like it's...

Gwyn: It's true. It's great.

Kray: Yeah. What's what's the most tropical place or not the sort of tropical but exotic place even.

Gwyn: For magic specifically?

Kray: Yeah.

Gwyn: Oh. Nowhere exciting really like just just L.A.. The most recent would have been I just went to Phoenix to hang out with and kind of learn parts of the Lance Burton and Friends show I went to to see that and I got to help with the silk to egg, they did a show for the Boys and Girls Club. Lance and Keith West and Katie Murray.

So they were doing that show for the Boys and Girls Club so I got to help on stage with that, and so that was fun. I got to travel with the with the magician I went once to Cancun but I wasn't actually assisting. He was he was going he was my boyfriend at the time so why don't you come to Cancun. And he's been booked for Cancun. so it's like hey guess why not! And one summer I went and this is not I didn't go for a show. But I went to France in the summer and in a town called Blois which I'm probably saying incorrectly but it's B L O I S. There is a museum of magic and it's fantastic and outside, if you're outside on the street these gold dragons come out like every half an hour, hour there's this outdoor show. And again that's an air quotes, that's automatic that this building just happens like. I mean it's not automatic I'm sure there's something inside but it's like Yeah it's like an automatron outdoor thing and it's awesome like the dragon's rip parts of the building off. And then when it's over you see it all just like go back and reset. And it's so fun!

Kray: That is, that, that's I want to go just to check that out.

Gwyn: Oh I that was, most of, that was the only reason I went to that town. I said I need to go to this museum.

Kray: Yeah well!

Gwyn: And the top floor. There is this thing and I don't know how else to describe it other than it's a mind trick. Like I'm going to keep this P.G. for you so I'm was a mind trick but it's called the Haley cineascope. I do believe is the name of it. And if I have that incorrect magicians you can you can mock me but I haven't. I went there a long time ago but you basically wear these glasses and they're not 3D glasses. They block your vision from seeing the floor.

So instead your eyes are directed at a mirror. So what you see is the ceiling and that's all you can see is the ceiling and they tell you to hold onto this handrail. And you walk in a circle and looking into it before you walk, you can see that there is nothing on the ground, like you can't see into the whole thing you only see like the entranceway but you see that there's nothing on the ground, it's just a carpet and a railing. And so you're like OK and you put these goggles on, or these glasses and you walk and like your feet don't always want to move because there's things that you perceive that your feet are going to be stepping onto that are spinning that there's nothing there and it's it's awesome.

Like I feel like kids would freak out. I freaked out like a little bit. It made me a little dizzy i'm not going to lie like I got like slightly motion sick for parts of it feel like after that I was like oh I don't want to go through that again.

Gwyn: Sounds Trippy.

Gwyn: It was so fun. Yeah.

Kray: That would be a ton of fun. And.

Gwyn: So the museums totally worth it. Yeah. They closed down for part of the day, the day that I was there and I don't know if that's like an everyday thing the day I was there was like a George [unsure] exhibit on the ground level and then you could go up to all of the other exhibits because it's a few different stories this museum. They closed down part of it so we went in and then they said they they told everybody to get out. And like an hour or an hour and a half later you could go back in. Because it was like lunchtime in the town. So we're like OK. Let's go.

Kray: Go for lunch. We'll be back later.

Gwyn: Yeah it was great. It was so neat. So I recommend anyone if they get a chance to go to that town in France definitely go check this out.

Kray: Hundred percent I back that decision I've never even seen it. Now I just want to go.

So now that you've been in the in the industry for for a while what's what's a piece of advice that you wish somebody would have given you at the start of your career.

Gwyn: Hrrmmmmm. Well, I think just to remember that at the end of the day it's just a show. Like at the end of the day. It's just a show. And so. Your job is to entertain. So if you're entertained that's great. If you messed up a line, or if you messed up a step or if you, you know, anything like that. Not to sweat it, like I would stress about like everything in the beginning, I was such a little stress case. And I'd go off of the show and I'd be like "Oh my god I think I messed up". And the guys were always like "You were fine". I was like "I don't know if I smiled!". Like. You know. As I would say, just like if you're having fun, that's all that matters because that's what people are gonna see.

Kray: Absolutely. I couldn't agree more. And as somebody that used to be an incredible worrier and stresser myself. It's a great piece of advice, I think the best quote that I've heard is: Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it gets you absolutely nowhere. And every time I start worrying it's just like remember that.

Gwyn: Yeah.

Kray: Beautiful I love it. And to finish things off here. My favorite question if you could spend one day with any magician living or dead who would it be?

Gwyn: Oh can I pick an assistant though.

Kray: Absolutely.

Gwyn: If I can pick an assistant. Then I picked Joanie Spina because she was the first assistant that I ever met. She introduced herself to me at a convention, and said "Hi there what's your name I'm Joanie". And I was like. "Oh my God". I'm like Oh my God. I was like "I'm Gwen". And she was lovely, and sadly she's gone way too soon. But I just I really, really I admired her. I thought that she was great so smart so talented and so I would have loved to have spent a day with her. And we were trying to plan that. And so it's a shame that that never got to happen.

I did luckily get to spend an afternoon evening with Johnny Thompson and Pam backstage. And I got to be there while they were getting ready, and watched their whole setup and help with that and talk to them and get all these stories and so I feel really fortunate for the magicians that I do get to spend full days with. Or parts of days with and assistants as well that I get to spend full days or parts of days with like I'm friends with so many amazing, talented magicians and assistants like Melanie Kramer if you get the chance to meet her she's in Vegas. She is crazy hardworking. She assists so many people and she is just she's just so, so nice like they're all so nice like. Anastasia Synn like they're, like there's so many great people I can't even just pick like that's just not fair. Like I just I feel like you just want me to like name, names but really it's like everybody, like I just want to spend a day with everyone. Like one day each, at least and then more probably because I love them all so much. Like. I love. Everybody that I've had the chance to meet in magic. And, I feel so grateful and so fortunate and like I'm sad that I didn't get to meet so many but at the same time the ones that I've met. It's just. I have no, nothing, nothing bad to say like they're all. Everybody is so nice. Like why can't we all just hang out all the time.

Kray: I would like that to happen as well. I love hanging out with magicians, it's so much fun and to be able to spend. If I could just quit my job and just go behind the scenes to magic shows for the rest of my life like... I love behind the scenes stuff in TV and film in general but do it for magic show with all the changing and getting ready, oh man. Oh. Yeah. I can't. I hate the question myself but I love asking it. Would you ask me would you get asked Who is your favorite magician. Whoever I'm watching at the time.

Gwyn: Like that's not a fair question.Like I just want to hangout with everyone.

Kray: I know but it honestly, I...

Gwyn: Like the women that have shows. Like they're great too. Like the women magicians that have shows like why not? Everyone. I pick everyone. I can't answer your question. I'm sorry I pick everyone. There's too many.

Kray: I think you answered it wonderfully. And I think a lot of people will agree with me on that.

Gwyn: Oh good, they're going to be like "She's funny".

Kray: It was a perfect way to finish up, Gwen. Thank you so much for coming on the show, it was a pleasure talking to you today.

Gwyn: Oh, of course anytime. Thanks so much for having me.

Kray: It was a pleasure. And for those of you listening at home listen again next time and we'll have another fabulous guest for you guys to listen to! Have a great one.