Mahdi is a professional sleight of hand magician, but he's also the only magician alive born without hands or feet. He's well known for fooling Penn & Teller, providing online education for magicians and speaking around the world., check out his website for more details, or visit Before Magic to live and obtain the impossible.

Mahdi's struggle for life began while he was in the womb. He received a death sentence before birth but was miraculously spared and was born into this world without hands or feet in 1989 in Toronto, Canada.

His early years were difficult. Mahdi would face a difficult childhood in poverty struggling daily with bullying, violence, loneliness and depression. He was tormented by his physical differences and constantly wondered what would become of his life, if there was even a point of him having a life.

Through these trials and tribulations he found strength, passion, and hope through God, family, friends and the many kind people he has met during his journey through life.

Since his first magic performance at age 14, he has traveled around the world, sharing his story & magic, and giving hope to millions; to the multitudes of every race, color, age, religion, and social status.

He is also an accomplished artist and currently writing his first book for the public.

Now, Mahdi performs wonders without hands and walks the Earth without feet and is a walking miracle to everyone he meets.

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