Sawyer Bullock

Sawyer has written for magazines, lectured at universities, won international awards and has even had his own tv show. He's passionate about magic and has an amazing outlook on being in the biz. Check out his website.

Gwyn Auger looking into a magic cake pan.

Gwyn is known for having one of the biggest smiles you've ever seen. She's a sought after magic assistant as well as an avid baker and dancer. This girl has got lots of tricks up her sleeve. Check out her website.

Danny Kazam Headshot

He was sucked into the world of magic after watching David Blaine. Since then, he has transitioned into a top family entertainer in Saskatchewan. His hilarious antics and great sense of humor keep clients coming back for more. You can check out his website at his website.

Photo of Julie Eng

When you grow up in a magic family, straight jackets in the living room are the norm. It wasn't mine, but it was for Julie! She has grown up with magic all her life and had the pleasure of working with many top performers through her work with Magicana. You can also check out her website for more info.

Photo of Todd Shapiro

If you're into magic in Montreal, then you've probably heard of The Amazing Todsky, aka Todd Shapiro. You may have even stopped by his magic shop (check him out online at, and if you haven't, you should! It was my pleasure to speak with Todd on this episode of Illusionary Podcast.

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