Card Fictions

Card Fictions


Card Fictions has become a modern classic. The book contains these seven amazing fictions:

You sense the colors of playing cards through a solid table.

You stack four Poker hands in less than ten seconds.

You kick any named number of cards off a tabled deck.

You put chaos to order.

You magically move cards to any positions in the pack at will.

You transpose a card from between a spectator's hands to under his watch.

You instantly memorize the order of a shuffled deck.

Card Fictions will not enable you to do any of those things. Most of them are, after all, impossible. Fortunately, however, we can make our spectators experience these impossibilities anyway. We do that by creating fictions; in this case Card Fictions.

Contents of Card Fictions
Finger Flicker
Master of the Mess
Colour Sense
High Noon
Cincinnati Pit
Triple Countdown

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