Zoltan the Adequate

Real Name
Andy Blau
Broken Wand
Andy Blau is a classically skilled magician with a New York street-hustler style and slick twist of con-man attitude. For the last 20 years he's performed all over North America, and at just about every venue including Night-clubs, outdoor events, and theme parks, and a vast array of private shows including trade shows, corporate events, weddings, and dinner parties. The show ranges from family-friendly to adult nightclub, and is scalable and adaptable to almost any venue. Did I mention that his mother thinks he's pretty good?
The performance is classic Nightclub Magic - manipulation of cards and coins, working with fire and blades - not the same old dove-puller you saw at the company picnic - Andy's got a charming zing and a raw, sharp attitude that keeps his audience laughing on the edge of their seats. Further, the show is virtually unscripted - the effects and comedy changes on the mood of the performer and the reaction of the audience - it's entertainment without a net. Or - to be completely honest - without a real sense of personal hygiene, either. Further, Andy believes in audience-participation (mostly because it means less work for him), which means you not only get to laugh at the show, but at your friends and peers, as well.