The Samurai Master of Magic

Real Name
Ryan Hayashi
Broken Wand
Hayashi is a legend in the world of magic. Known worldwide as an incredibly versatile entertainer and an international television personality, he has blown away even the greatest minds in magic. He has appeared at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood and the legendary Magic Circle in London, and his terrifying samurai sword act on "Britain's Got Talent" has over 50 million views on YouTube.

He has performed in 18 countries around the world, and has been seen by over 80 million television viewers worldwide on 36 national TV shows in 12 countries, performing in 6 different languages.

Hayashi was the SAM European Champion of Magic in 2005 and winner of The MacMillan International Magic Competition in 2003. He was also first place winner at the National Championships of Magic in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France and Germany, making him the first performer in the history of magic to win national championship titles in 5 different European countries.

He has won awards at both of the two largest events for the industry in the United States - the Society of American Magicians National Championships and the International Brotherhood of Magicians American Gold Cups - and he won both of these awards in the same year, in 2007.

He also ranked in the top 10 performers in Close-Up Magic and the top 5 in Parlor Stage Magic at the 2006 FISM World Championships held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hayashi combines magic, mentalism and the martial arts with his charismatic stage presence to form his own unique brand of entertainment.