The Magic of Sherry and Krall

Real Name
Richard Sherry, Dayle Krall
Broken Wand
Richard Sherry has an amazing ability to entertain audiences with his magic and escape talents as well as his quick wit and sense of humour. Performing professionally for over 30 years, Richard has astounded audiences with incredible magic and terrifying escapes; many of which are his own creations.

In the time that Dayle has been involved in magic and escapes she has mastered many of the classic escapes and an amazing number of new creations that most escape artists only dream of performing. Such classics include the Chinese Water Torture Cell, the Milk Can, the Authentic Canvas Straitjacket and multiple handcuffs. Some of the new escape creations that Dayle has performed include the newest sensation in escapes called Cubed, the 55 gallon drum, the Stainless Steel Straitjacket, the Water Torture Tank with Cage and Crucible.