Magic by Marty

Real Name
Marty Marcus
Broken Wand
Edmonton born, Marty Marcus was touched by MAGIC at an early age. His uncle Harry was a travelling salesman and often came through Edmonton staying at the family house. His uncle would do some coins tricks and a bit of magic for Marty and his brothers. As time went by, Marty always kept up his fascination with magic. It wasn't until the early 1990's that Marty actually turned his hobby into a passion for MAGIC! He sought out local magicians and practised his craft and became proficient enough to start doing magic shows for friends and family.

Soon, Marty was actually getting paid for performances and spreading his joy of magic to everyone. It was at this point that MAGIC MARTY was born and that became his nick name. He loves performing his brand of MAGIC and putting smiles on people's faces! Whether he's doing close-up MAGIC or bigger MAGICAL effects, people of all ages enjoy his sleight of hand talent.