Brent Smith

Brent’s show involves a lot of magic that uses audience interaction and in fact Brent involves everyone from the audience. But Brent isn’t just a seasoned pro onstage; he’s also a master at production offstage. He’s willing to help any client put together a show customized to their individual needs and budget. Whether you want him for a stage show, private function, wedding, hospitality room, cocktail hour, curling bonspiel, or pretty much any affair that can be livened up with a little magic, Brent is the man who can get it done.

Indeed, his passion and knowledge of magic is so strong that he opened the Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop in Calgary, which, for the past 19 years, has served as a hub for Calgary’s magic community. Today, it is the most dedicated brick-and-mortar magic shop in Canada and is also home to MEGA Magic Camp which has played a pivotal role in turning dozens of muggles into performing magicians. Several magicians seek his advice on Tricks and how to make their own shows more powerful. Brent also performs Kids Birthday parties as Birthday Magician Brent and has done so for over 45 years.